Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We are not alone

The topic of this post is to tell all of you that we are not alone to be called terrorists. Israel, recently beat us. As all of us knows about what happend. and those who dont know let me tell in short.
           Israel has disconnected gaza from the world since the his brutal attacks on gaza in 2008. They make historical records of cruelity and state terrorism. After a long time, some muslims got the courage to go to gaza with aid. They manage to get a lot of aid for those poor victims. but when they reach near the gaza territory, they were attacked by the israel army and almost 20 peoples died at the spot. Rest were made prisoners including many journalists.what is this. Isnt this terrorism. Firing and killing un armed civilians. But for Israel, this is bravery as usual. Unfortunately its just an incident for us .... for muslims.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Black Water : Anti-Muslim AlQaeda

Black water is now a days the most hot topic in Pakistan. A simple citizen of Pakistan may not know wat it is. But if you google about it or try to set an opinion about it then you wont hesitate to say it similar to Alqaeda. AL Qaeda and Black water both has almost similar operation and way of action but the difference is only their Aim. Al Qaeda targets Non muslims while Black water Targets muslims. And we are so blessed that now a days we are being facilitated by the services of both of them. Thats out Good luck that I am still writing this blog and you are still reading this. But the time is not far when both of them or atleast one of them will succeded. Another good thing in this context is that we are target for both of them. Al Qaeda is already killing muslims more than any other community and now BW is there to give them a little support. Lets hope that all these rumors are just rumors. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swat operation

I know that its long since i wrote ma last post. During that period a lot of things has been happend. Pak forces has started operation in northern areas after the mis-commitments of Sofi Mohammad and his allies. After that every thing changed and there was no other way for forces and govt to operate heavily in northern areas to save Pakistan. This might help temporaily. Those militants are not easy to be recognised. they can move to the surrounding areas and live there till the end of operation or they can move to the neighbour countries who has weaken security at borders. There a lot of options for them but very few for Pak Forces. They have to do their best. Braveness and sincerity of Pak Army is not doubtfull but here the enemy is very different. So they have to do hardwork. They have to use extra senses. They need a lot of support. Although they have cleared a lot of area but its not as easy as it seems to be. Forces have to stay there for a longtime. There is another major issue of immigrants. There are hundred of thousands of immigrants from those areas. Life for them is not easy now. They travelled from these area once before the swat treaty. After treaty, they think that now there would be peace and they came back but right after that, operation started and they again flee from those areas. Now majority of them is living at their relatives. just a fraction of these are living in govt established camps. I dont know the reason as i never been there but it can be due to hot weather, insecure feeling, health problems, parda problem or due the love of their relatives. But that is a fact that most of them are living at relative's homes. GOD BLESS those relatives who are helping them in the hour of need.
This was a summary of wat has happend. Now i will try my best to be in touch with you all. Allah hafiz till then. Do comment and share your information with me.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swat Treaty: A new Hope

Finally, President Asif Ali Zardari has signed a regulation imposing Islamic sharia law in the Swat valley as part of a deal to end Taliban violence. Critics say the government has caved in to militant pressure but many residents of Islamabad, said they hoped the agreement would bring peace after 18 months of bloodshed. Although, International lobby is active demolish the treaty by any means. But it seems that Pakistani Govt has finally decided to take a stand on American Policy, which is quiet underlying from last 10 years. Some days ago, two American officials were here to increase pressure on Pakistan's governing body but they failed to do so. It is also being heared that Gen Pasha also denied to meet with them. This shows a clear change in Pakistan's policy about US. The first result is the arrival of John Kerry, a moderate and well known american personal. He is here to smoothen all that. Becauser US also know that without Pakistan, the war on terror is not easy to win. So he needs Pakistan. But Pakistan, rather then taking advantage of this situation, was giving it advantage. But now it seems that the scene is gona change. Lets hope for good.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is fighting or killing people is the only way?

Till now, terrorism is not controlled. This is mainly due to the policy of killing terrorists and avoiding the fact that cause of terrorism should be killed. But all the energy and all the resources are being utilised to finish/kill terrorists. So wats going on. They kill one terrorist, 4 more people become terrorist due to the sypmathy for the killed and hate for the killer. Thats all. US, NATO, Pak Forces killed hundred of thousands of terrorists/militants but their number has increased 10 or more times. Before the US attack on this region, only border areas of Pakistan were on fire, but today whole Pakistan is in fire. Every 2nd day there is a suicide attack in any area of Pakistan. Every 2nd day American spy planes are attacking the borders of Pakistan, killing more and more people, creating more and more terrorist in return. So if we think positively, US is just creating terrorist and Pakistan is killing them. Whole resources of Pakistan Army are being utilised in this War of US. After 9/11, no attack was launched on US but Pakistan is under attack since then. Have a look into all scenario and revise his Policy about Pakistan.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mombai Attacks

Finally, Indian mujahidin accepted that it was invloved in Attacks of Mombai. Once again India held a lier. From the day of attack, India is consistly blaming Pakistan for all that but unfortunately, is still not able to provide any solid proof. Blaming is easy but presenting proof is tough job to b done. India just do all that for Kashmir. India doesnot want that world came to know that what kind of state terrorism is being done by indians in dat occupied area. Torturing, killing, disgracing women is daily incident in that state. but India dont want others to have an eye on it. So he do many such kind of works which will redirect the concentration of the world from kashmir.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just four days before President Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington, D.C., on January 20th, an international group of young Muslim activists gathered in Doha, Qatar, to launch what they described as a global Muslim movement for peace, justice and the common good. Participants ended their two-day meeting with a document they called "An Open Letter to the World Leaders of Today from the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow." A series of policy recommendations, the document was addressed to both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders around the world.Americans were among more than 300 young Muslim activists from 76 countries who attended the 2009 Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Conference. Organizers of the Doha meeting, a nonprofit consortium of Muslim and interfaith groups, promoted it as a catalyst for social change in the Islamic world and as a signal that Muslims - like non-Muslims - support political pluralism, freedom, social justice and combating extremism.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


We All know that Israel is the only nation or country in the world whose map is changing very rapidly. Means every year, he invade Palestine and took over some more regions just due to its influence on USA, UN and being a economic back bone. Recently we all saw that Israel openly attacked on armless population of Palestine and brutally killed innocent children and women. And we just condemn his action.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Israel: More powerfull then UN

Now, every one came to know that UN is not independent. It is dependent. Israel showed that he is more powerfull than UN. because UN is under influence of USA and USA is under influence of Jews from a lot of years. They have hold on their economy. So in this desperate economic situation, USA cant afford the opposition of economy giants. So finally, Israel is doing watever he wants. Although it is surrounded by 22 muslim countries but none of them is capable of stoping Israel. This is the most weakest time of muslim history and after that, no one can guarantee for the survival of muslims.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Killing Children is shamefull.

Its now nearly 10 days of Israel's attack on Pelistine. Although being a muslim, I am emotionally with Pelistine and the people of Pelistine. But being a Human being we all should feel about the killings of innocent lives by Israeli Bombarment. Yes, I know that in wars such things happens. But it doesnt mean that it should continue. But i would say that no body is doing any thing to stop all that, not even HAMAS. If he dont have enought power to fight, then why he got involved in all that. The most casualities are of innocent peoples. It should be stopped. And what a shame for muslim nation. Israel, the smallest nation with smallest territory is killing and killing the innocent muslim and no body is there to help them. The leaders of muslim countries are just holding meetings and session with no result. because they have no courage to take any initiative. Just PRAY ALLAH TP GIVE US COURAGE TO STOP THAT OR ATLEAST MAKE US EMOTION LESS SO THAT WE DONT GET EMOTIONAL WHILE THINKING AND VEIWING THINGS RELATED TO PAKISTAN.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

No sign of hope!

Its now a lot of days while Israel is attacking and killing innocent peoples in Pelistine. but wats done by our cruel world. They are just planning for meetings and sessions. Its real bad time for muslims. Muslims are wealthy, muslims have strength but have no courage to stop Israel even UN is not able to stop him. I read news about UN that it ordered Israel to stop all dat but it is still being happening.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Israeli attacks on GAZA.....

Last day, 28th dec, Israel once again showed that he is the biggest terrorist in the world. He didn't cared of UN and attacked the GAZA and different areas in Palistine. TIll now nearly 300 people got killed and a lot injured. Isnt that injustice that no one yet said that its terrorist attack. because it wasnt done by muslim country or muslims. so it cant be terrorist attacks. NOW all of us can seee that who is the biggest terrorist.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No proof yet..

Now its a long time after mombai attack. Indian Govt is still unable to provide any solid proof regarding the involvement of Pakistan in these attacks else just blaming. Its now just "supposed" that Pakistan is involved. and now as Indian govt has nothing to show so they start voilating pakistan's air space. Last night, Indian fighter planes voilated the airspace of Pakistan by MISTAKE. and if the same is done by Pakistan, then it would be terrorism :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Is Pakistan really Involved in Mombai?

All of us know about the recent attacks in Mombai. India pointed directly towards pakistan for this attacks. There are many other factors which can cause such attacks. If we try to find out that who is being benefited from these attacks. Then we can have two possible answers. Pakistan and non-governing party of INDIA. What u all think? which one is correct or you have another answer?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Is negotiation the right way?

Now a days, we are hearing the news that Karzai (president of Afghanistan) want to negotiate with Taliban and other militant groups in Afghanistan. Will this help to improve the security situation in Afghanistan? What will be its effect on Pakistan?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are really other religions and countries are our enemies?

Most of the us are have no clear opinion about the question. The reason is that there are both types of examples in history that muslims fought agianst other non-muslim and muslims live with non-muslim. Although it is obvious that Islam is not spread with force. It is love and effection in Islam which brought the peoples from other religions to Islam and they accepted it from their heart. But now a days we are just trying to spread Islam by force and in result, all the world thinks that every person having gestures like muslim is a suicider and will kill them all. Is this a real face of Islam or a wtongly placed picture to deflect a wrong image of Islam. I want the comments to make this topic more strong. And please help the peoples who still dont know the answer of the question. Thanks

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is poverty is also one reason?

This is also a fact that although the most richest persons of the world are muslims but on the other side this is also a fact that muslims are also among the most poor people of the world. For a minute suppose you lives in a village having no basic qualification and way of income. Any muslim cleric having just basic knowledge of Islam came to you and offer you to work for preaching Islam and in return you will be awarded by huge sum of money and he will take care of his family in case of any mishap. What will be your decision? I think it will be a good oppurtunity to atleast save your family be devoting your single life. there are many aspects which have to be viewed.
First thing i would like to mention that if we see the history of islam, we will came to know that Islam is not preached with the help of sword or power. It is spreaded with the help of love and peace. The most appropriate example in this regard is the conquest of Makkah. What our role model and ideal prophet did? Did he killed all those peoples who hurt them in past? No. He forgived them all. and what was the result? nearly all the Makkah was converted in to a muslim state.
I am very small with less knowledge. so if i ever made mistake please mention it. I will wait for your comments. but i just want to represent the real face of Islam which is not a terrorist religion nor he promotes terrorism. Thanks to all of you for reading this topic

Monday, October 6, 2008

Down fall of muslims

As a muslim, i many times thought that why all that happening to muslims and just muslims. there are many other nations and religions in the world but why just muslims are balmed for every problem. I think that one of the reason is that most of the muslims are not any more mulsims by nature. they are muslim because they are born in muslim home and thats enough. Its history that every nation or religion, who left his tradition,customs,learnings or any thing which made him unique, never lives long. so thats happening to us. As we are too much influenced by western culture and moulding ourselves into that and in this great effort our identities are geting fade. thats why we are on fire. and we will on fire till we dont leave all that. i request you all to show any solution for this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A word from me

This blog is just created for revealing the distinction between muslims and terrorist. please give your opinions so that we can justify.